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Suicide method to end depression

When you mention suicide, the word depression mostly comes into mind. Studies show that depression is the leading cause of most suicide cases. Most people who commit suicide are mostly depressed. Continue reading this article to learn about suicide method to end depression.

What is depression?

Depression is defined as a mood condition. It has several symptoms that affect the victim socially, occupationally, educationally, interpersonally, etc.

How do people become depressed?

Basically, the brain nerves don’t touch each other. Instead, they use chemicals called neurotransmitters to pass a message to each other. People only need the correct amount of neurotransmitters between their nerves to pass similar information to the next nerve.

Lack of enough chemical leads to message distortion that can cause a depressive condition or depression. When you have a depressive illness the transmitters go out of balance regularly.

When you’re depressed, sometimes you experience very different thoughts before a depressive episode and after that episode. As a result, there is a chemical imbalance that can make the victim fail to understand the options they might have to help reduce pain.

Most depressed people have claimed that it’s like they lose the ability to think about the future or to remember any memorable moments in the past. Mostly, they fail to realize that they can get treated. They don’t think about getting help. Emotional and physical pain begins to overwhelm them.

Majority of depressed people don’t fancy or desire death but they start feeling like it’s the only way to end their pain. Note that no one chooses depression. The condition is 100% involuntary and you can manage and treat it.

How can you know you’re depressed?

Only a qualified professional doctor or psychiatrist can diagnose you with depression or any other depressive condition. A mental health expert such as a psychologist, social worker or a psychotherapist can also diagnose you with a mental health disorder including depression. Knowing the symptoms of depression can help these professionals in treating your depression.

Signs and symptoms of depression and how to intervene if you think a depressed person is thinking about suicide

Talking to someone about depression is always hard for most people. However, the more open the patients are about their condition, the higher the possibility of getting a solution. They can talk to family and friends about any suicidal thoughts hey might be having.

Another option is talking to a professional who is specialized in dealing with depression cases. Some depressed people can harm themselves without their knowledge. Specialists are able to tell by talking to them.

Things that increase the possibility of suicidal thoughts

  • History of drug abuse
  • Easy access to firearms
  • Tough life situations
  • History of mental illness
  • Terminal or chronic illness
  • History of physical or sexual abuse
  • History of suicidal thoughts

Note that the more signs by a person, the higher the risk of suicide. Although a victim mentioning dying or death is a vital sign, there are many other signs to monitor. They are emotional, verbal and behavioral.

  • Emotional signs include showing disinterest in things that used to interest you, mood swings, feelings of depression, shame, anger, anxiety, irritability and more.
  • Verbal symptoms include talking about killing yourself, lacking a purpose to live, feelings of being stuck and more.
  • Behavioral symptoms include being withdrawn, dangerous behaviors such as reckless driving, giving away valued goods, increased aggressiveness, drug overuse, researching about suicide and more.

Most depressed people are at a higher risk of suicide because they don’t talk about it. If you see a loved one showing the above signs tell them to seek professional help.

Parents should be warned too. Even children are at risk of suicide. If you hear your kid talking about suicide don’t ignore. Kids might want to commit suicide if they’re being bullied at school, abusing drugs, have lost a loved one, are being sexually abused or are not certain about their sexual orientation.

How do depressed people commit suicide?

There are many ways that depressed people can use to end their lives. They can overdose on drugs, hang themselves, shoot themselves with a firearm, electrocute themselves or throw themselves off a building. These are just some of the ways. There are many more ways to kill yourself.

Which is the best suicide method to end depression?

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